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Art reference and inspiration


I’m really horrible at giving advice on these things haha. for one; USE REFERENCES. I tend to look at Supra because uhgfh god I love them. And i prefer the ‘high-top’ look most.I tend to focus on the shoes shape first. When i start drawing shoes they tend to look like uggs originally and i work on curving them out.

 what makes sneakers pop i find are details in the laces and the ‘design’ on the shoe itself. Rather than just something flat, if you look at a lot of shoes you see the seams and lines through the whole things.  Try different shoe shapes when drawing because there are a bunch of styles that look more appealing than some mutated sock which i used to just scribble on feet before I got some weird.. shoe… love. this wasn’t helpful at all im sorry fdskljfdksjsfd
Horrible advice now rebloggable by request. I’m sorry it’s just one view

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